About John

I'm John P. Weiss. I draw cartoons and write about life.  If you enjoy old school, hand crafted cartoons and articles about getting more out of life, then you just hit pay dirt.

I'm a former editorial cartoonist for several newspapers, and my cartoons appear in various editions of Charles Brooks's Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year. 

I'm also a fine artist, author and retired police chief. These days, I devote my time to cartooning, painting, and writing.

I'm blessed to have over 10,000 followers on the website Medium, where I post my illustrated blogs about better living.


My cartooning style is influenced by old school, editorial cartoonists like Pat Oliphant and Jeff MacNelly.

I'm an admirer of the late Richard Thompson and Geo Herriman, among other cartoonists.

I craft my cartoons in pen, ink, watercolor and digitally, using my iPad and ProCreate. My cartoons may be detailed, but as a minimalist, I aim for a clean design.

I live in Southern Nevada with my wife, son and loyal studio dogs. Thanks for visiting, and be sure to get on my free email list below for the latest cartoons and cool stuff.